Our mission is to bring
physiotherapy to everyday life

We as a Team work for this everyday to help people manage their activity daily. At the same time we want to enrich physiotherapy with findings of peoples everyday life.

At Mifysio, we:

always put our users first. Our approach is to improve user’s life with the use of technology.

get things done. We are able to put one foot in front of the other to get where we want to go.

help each other to deliver the best results. As a team, we are greater than the sum of our parts.

are eager to learn and have an impact. we strive to build something bigger than we are — but we do so with humility.

Meet Our Team

Dominik Meier


With his own experience suffering from a big sports injury and his deep knowledge as a Physiotherapist and Sport Scientist, Dominik knows exactly how to manage pain in daily life. He is the visionary head of our Team.

Batuhan Bag


As a Software Developer, Batuhan is the builder of mifysio and turns our ideas into working code. With his passion about mifysio he dives deep into issues to find the best solution possible for our users.

Simgenur Kılınçarslan

Head of Design

After working in different industries as a UI/UX Designer, Bahar starts designing medical software. Her personal experience with movement issues gives her the view of what user really need.


Maybe You

New Talent

If you think you can help us shape the future of digital physiotherapy get in contact with us right away. We are always open for unsolicited applications.